elderflower sourced from our back garden

Here at pola we are committed to being as planet friendly as possible. Whether that means sourcing ingredients as locally as possibly and reducing food miles (and footprints), becoming the worlds first compostable and plastic-free ice pole (fingers crossed summer 2021) or using wonky fruit and thus reducing food waste, we will do whatever it takes!


a handful of our award winning flavours. mango and coconut, strawberry and lemon, pink and white elderflower (left to right)

What makes our ice and gelato poles different? We use the tastiest, freshest and best quality produce as possible. No concentrates, no fake stuff, nothing artificial. To put it simply, if you can't pronounce it we don't want it on our ingredients list. Whether that means picking our apples from St Anns Allotents or driving to Starkeys Fruit Farm every weekend, we don't like cutting corners on quality or taste hence why we won 3 great taste awards out of our 4 entries in 2020!

local local local

starkeys fruit farm. 13 miles from our kitchen

We prioritise working and collaborating with local farmers, producers and businesses through sourcing ingredients as locally to Nottingham as possible. For example, we get all our Apples from St Anns Allotments, Strawberries from Starkeys Fruit Farm, Coffee Beans from 200 Degrees and Elderflower from our own back garden and nearby hedgerows


a selection of our ice and gelato poles in their natural element

If you didnt know all our products are 100% vegan. Why? We don't agree with supporting dairy farms that are proven to be unsustainable and exploitative. We wont bore you with how much more beneficial and sustainable a vegan diet is, but at the end of the day we would much rather produce something just as tasty by milking a coconut rather than a cow!

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